“I am thoroughly appreciative of all of the support that I have received from Westonbirt over my past 7 years. I have been given endless opportunities and my experience has been most delightful.”
2017 Pupil Feedback
“It’s been a wonderful experience to study at Westonbirt for 7 years”.
2017 Pupil Feedback
“Westonbirt has been a great opportunity for me to expand and explore all aspects of school life, I hope that my hard work and revision will ensure that I do myself justice and get the grades I deserve. I feel at Westonbirt I have been given the chance to try new things.”
2017 Pupil Feedback
“Westonbirt has exceeded our expectation on every level. The pastoral care and communication is outstanding and our daughter is being stretched and challenged mentally and physically. It is difficult as a parent choosing the best school for your child but we feel our daughter has blossomed since arriving at Westonbirt, she is with like minded girls who are thriving in each other’s company in a safe, stimulating and beautiful environment.”
Parent of Year 7 Flexi-Boarder
“Westonbirt School is small enough to give girls an opportunity to ‘have a go’ in everything, and that has allowed both of our daughters to develop & explore their interests and abilities in Drama, Art and & Sports they certainly would not have discovered in a larger school. It is a joy to hear how they love returning to school each term!”
Parent of Year 11 Flexi-Boarder
“All staff from teaching to ground maintenance are always polite and courteous. Although busy at times, the atmosphere is always calm and welcoming.”
Parent of Year 7 Day Girl
“Westonbirt girls have the opportunity to be included in so many things, because of its size I love that all the girls have to really get involved in all aspects of school life, thus producing an all round, interesting girl. You can flourish in what you are good at, but have to support others in what they are good in. The school deals with the complexities of girls friendships and varying maturity with understanding and intelligence which enables the girls to pass through the silly bits and have sound friendships. The older girls seem to be confident (but not too confident!) mature, kind, caring, and polite which I hope my own daughter will be like as she moves up the school.”
Parent of Westonbirt pupil
“Gloucestershire’s “best kept educational secret” Joining Westonbirt has been like becoming part of a large, dynamic family. Small enough to allow the girls to develop and participate actively is all areas from the academic to sport, art, drama and music. Our daughter comes home excited about school nearly every day. The music and drama productions have been quite wonderful but more importantly are brilliantly taught for all the girls not just the high flyers. Our year 8 lacrosse team is almost unbeaten even against much bigger schools which shows the strength of our talent, teachers and teamwork.”
Parent of Year 8 Day Girl
“Without doubt, my time at Westonbirt School equipped me with the academic rigour, extra-curricular opportunities and pastoral care that helped me achieve a place at a top university and to mature as an individual.

My path from Westonbirt led me to Oxford University where I am currently studying for my final year exams in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Westonbirt’s duty of care went beyond simply the remit of the time that I was a student there. The Headmistress was instrumental in helping me to achieve a prestigious 3 year scholarship with Deutsche Bank after I completed my A Level studies that has paid for my university tuition fees.

Westonbirt is a community that stays with you as you make your journey beyond school and I feel I owe a great deal of my achievements and development, to the combination of carefully tuned teaching, pastoral support and breadth in curriculum unique to this school”.

Ex-Pupil Testimonial - Ashley White, previous Westonbirt Head Girl
“We are originally from Mexico and our daughter, despite been far from home, is having the best year of her life at the school, both academically and socially. Thank you so much for all the personalized attention you have given her, she feels just at home!”
Parent of Year 10 Boarder
“Our daughter has grown in confidence in all her lessons at Westonbirt and has been allowed to fulfill her love of sport.”
Parent of Year 8 Day Girl
“Could not be happier about Westonbirt School, our daughter has flourished and loves every second of it. I am sure she will find a reason to come back after finishing Uni in the future. She is passionate about the school.”
Parent of Year 12 Boarder