Prep: Key Stage 2

Small classes are still taught predominantly by one teacher. Specialist teachers also instruct at this stage to suit the more subject-based curriculum. Different forms of testing are undertaken to assess ability and progress. Older children are given more responsibility and all children are prepared for 11+ grammar schools, entrance exams to independent senior schools including scholarships.

Westonbirt Prep School Diploma
In Year 6 all children have the opportunity to take the Westonbirt Prep School Diploma. Pupils still undertake Sats examinations in Year 6, please visit our Results & Destinations page for Sats results.

The Westonbirt Prep School Diploma is an internally assessed award presented to all children at the end of Year 6 to recognise and celebrate their achievements across six areas of learning.

SATs have been a concern for many schools, including Westonbirt Prep School as of late, for many reasons. The Diploma is an opportunity to introduce an award that recognises the full breadth of our curriculum. It will allow every child to be successful at one or more areas of learning.

The Diploma is an award that will recognise achievements in six areas:

Core Academic
English, Maths and Science (French)
These modules are assessed using National Curriculum levels and are equivalent to the Year 6 SATs results. Unlike the SATs however, the results will be available before the end of the Summer Term for recognition and celebration within school. One major new addition to this module will be a science practical assessment, which reflects our increased use of practical sciences and the extensive resource of the science laboratories.

History, Geography and Religious Education
For the first time, we will be offering a fully assessed module in these important subjects. This will be assessed entirely through project work, throughout Year 6. One major project will be conducted in each of the subject areas. The project will involve research skills, presentation skills, ICT skills and will incorporate cross-curricular links, where appropriate.

Creative Arts
Design Technology and Art
Again, pupils’ talents and skills in these areas will be formally assessed through project work during the course of Year 6. Individual contributions to whole class projects will also be assessed.

Performing Arts
Music and Drama
Whenever a pupil in Year 6 performs in any aspect of music and drama, they will gain credit towards this module. This will include performances in chapel services, class assemblies, concerts and the major production in the summer term. It will include performances at the Cheltenham Festival and achievements in Lamda Speech & Drama exams and Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations in individual music.

Sport and Outdoor Education
With Outdoor Education fully integrated throughout the curriculum we are now able, for the first time, to offer a qualification in Outdoor Education. The pupils will be assessed on their aptitude and capabilities in the outdoor learning environment through project work or practicals. They will also gain credit for participating in outdoor and adventurous activities such as rock climbing or canoeing as organised as part of the Year 6 residential trips. Every time a pupil represents the school in sport, credit will be achieved towards this module. This includes team sports as well as swimming, cross-country and other individual pursuits.

Life Skills
First Aid, Life Saving, Cookery, Spanish, ICT Qualifications
This is the most innovative part of the Diploma. It scoops up and includes many areas of the curriculum, some of which we already do, some of which will be entirely new. We will offer pupils practical experience, and a form of assessment for thinking skills, problem-solving and team building activities. Languages are a key component of this module. As well as offering an assessment in French, we will also offer Spanish to pupils in Year 6 and an introduction to Latin. We will include an externally certificated ICT course and an externally certificated First Aid course for children. All Year 6 pupils will complete a Cookery course and a Life-Saving course in the pool. Everyone will take part in a debate, and every pupil will design and deliver their own PowerPoint presentation on a topic of their choice. All of these will gain credits towards the Diploma, and many of them will be organised through 6 individual activity days throughout Year 6.

Specialist teaching staff and regular Key Stage 2 teaching staff will be timetabled to teach the Diploma. External, highly qualified staff will teach areas such as First Aid. The Diploma’s six areas will each be given 1 out of 5 outcomes:

Not awarded (Pupil unable to complete programme)
Working towards the Diploma (Pupil awarded 3 or less in each area)
Pass (Pupil awarded 4 for majority of areas)
Merit (Pupil awarded 5 in at least one area)
Distinction (Pupil awarded 5 in all areas)

Year 6 pupils will be awarded their Diploma at Prize Giving – the last day of the school year. The certificate will break down each area. All certificates achieved externally (e.g. First Aid) will combine with the Diploma Certificate to create a Personal Development Portfolio that the pupil can proudly take with them to their next school.

SATs will still be available for Maths, English and Science. SATs are requested by state maintained secondary schools, but we are not obliged to provide them.
The Westonbirt Prep School Diploma will offer pupils an opportunity to be successful at one or more areas of learning. The Diploma recognises and celebrates pupil’s achievements across six areas of learning. With research showing that SATs inspired curriculum does not stimulate children, nor is it suitable for children who learn through practical activities, parents can be confident that this innovative Diploma will allow children to develop and recognise their own strengths, whilst gaining practical life skills and studying a core academic curriculum.


Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions about the Diploma. We look forward to hearing from you.

“You have given our daughter confidence and pride and for that we thank you. Above all, she just loved being at school” Prep Leaver 2015.