School Policies

Westonbirt Schools have recently undergone an ISI Compliance Inspection, both schools were deemed to be fully compliant, the full report will be available shortly.

The last ISI Inspection Reports can be read here:

ISI Standard Inspection Report 2011

ISI Intermediate Report 2012

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection 2016

The School Policies are reviewed regularly and updated by the Governing Body. A selection is available to view on this page; alternatively hard copies are available on request from the school office.

1. Mission Statement & Ethos
2. Admissions Policy
3. Parent Complaints Procedure
4. Terms and Conditions Parent Contract
5. Use of Technology and Social Media Policy
6.1 Security & Care of Possessions
7. Curriculum Policy
7.3 Controlled Assessment Policy
7.7 ELT Policy
7.12 Equal Opportunities
7.13 IAG Policy
8. Safeguarding and Child Protection
8.1  Safer Recruitment Policy
11.3 Mental Health Policy
9. Countering Bullying
10. Pastoral Care Policy
10.1 Behaviour
10.2 Supervision of Pupils
10.7 Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking
10.9 Boarders Health and Wellbeing
11. First Aid Policy
12. Health and Safety
12.1 Visitor Access to School Premises
12.2 Pupil Grounds Access
12.3 Excursions (Formerly HASPEV)
12.5 Fire Safety Policy
12.6 Fire & Emergency Action Plan – Staff
12.7 Fire Action Plan Pupils
12.8 3 Year Accessibility Plan
12.9 Missing Pupils Procedure
12.12 Snow & Ice Management
12.13 Risk Assessment
14.1 Induction & NQT Induction
21. Staff Code of Conduct Policy
Ebola Outbreak Policy Oct 2014