International Pupils

As a traditional English boarding school, we value the cultural diversity brought to our school community by our international pupils. Our overseas girls represent approximately 20% of our pupil population, from 21 different nationalities.

Overseas girls are fully integrated into all aspects of school life and contribute hugely to all pupils’ cultural awareness. Not only is it a valuable experience for the girls themselves but also for the other students who benefit from the different cultural insights in lessons.

For most of our international pupils, English is a second or additional language. All international students are able to take advantage of all the English Language Training department has to offer to deepen and develop their understanding and widen their fluency in both the written and spoken word through English Language Training sessions.

Below are some thoughts of current international girls on what it is like to be at a British boarding school.

A case study and views of an International Year 13 pupil can be read here.

‘I started my life at Westonbirt at the age of 15. The thing I love most about Westonbirt is the small classes, caring staff and the beautiful gardens. I definitely think this school has helped me enormously to develop, academically and as a person, and I feel I am making the most of my time here.”
“I’ve spent my teenage years in the UK, most of them at Westonbirt. I have survived GCSEs and A-levels and am now at Birkbeck studying History. My ability to learn and adapt is due to my experiences at Westonbirt. I didn’t just amass knowledge, but learned how to study and how to be a responsible person. For these skills I am ever grateful to the very helpful staff.”
“I found it difficult in the beginning but worked hard to improve my English and tried to speak as little German as possible. I’ll never forget the day when, for the first time, people did not realise I was German when I was speaking to them. Two years later, I prefer speaking English because it feels more natural! The school has helped me enormously to develop, not only academically, but also as a person. I feel like I made the most of my time at Westonbirt.”
“My year at Westonbirt has been the best year of my life! I’ve made lots of new friends from different countries, I’ve visited new places and enjoyed every part of it. I have learnt a lot of new things that I would’ve never learnt back in Mexico. Coming to Westonbirt was the best decision I made. I’m really sad I have to go back home but I have made a lot of amazing memories that I wouldn’t change. I’ll miss you all”!