“The concentration and dedication of each girl was outstanding, the Drama department goes from strength to strength” Parent feedback 

Drama is taught as a discrete subject where year 7 to 9 girls receive one double lesson a week. The projects in Year 7 introduce some key concepts in drama. They are designed to set a foundation for development and progression during the rest of KS3. It is assumed that the students have had little experience of drama before Year 7.The aim is to build confidence, empathy and teamwork amongst the students.

The projects in Year 8 are aimed at continuing to develop the key concepts in drama, and building on skills in making and performing drama. The projects in Year 9 provide a bridge between Key Stages 3 and 4, and emphasise making, performing and responding to material. During Year 9, there are ample opportunities for students to participate in performance. In the summer term of Year 9, students will have made their option choices for GCSE courses starting in Year 10. Some students choose not to continue with drama, therefore the projects in Year 9 are designed to highlight popular and performance-orientated drama, making it interesting, fun and accessible for all students.

At GCSE level, the course is mostly 60% practical and 40% theory. Students work towards a written exam which assesses their knowledge of drama and theatre. They study one set play from a choice of 6 (currently Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers) and one question analysing and evaluating the work of live theatre makers so it is important that students see as much live theatre as possible. Practically students create a devised piece of drama which is marked by the teacher and moderated by the examining board. Their final practical work is a performance of two extracts from a play which must contrast the studied set play. Work is both inspired and complimented by a range of theatre trips to Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol and London and students learn to write analytically about work they have seen and performed in.

Tin Man