Westonbirt School values its history and we are gradually building up a good collection of items from over 80 years.

Periodically we receive requests from the families of past pupils to help them piece together some of their family history and we do our best to help. Often former pupils hold some of the most valuable archive items and our librarian and archivist, Mrs Bridget Bomford, is always grateful to receive contributions for safekeeping in the school.

If you have items stored away you think might be of interest, please do consider donating them to us – or put a note in them asking your executors to forward them to us. These items may seem of little interest or value to others, but we would love to preserve them for future generations.We display a selection of memorabilia from the archives at the Westonbirt Association’s annual Reunion Day and at other special events at the school, and they will be appreciated for many years to come.