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Westonbirt International Summer School

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Gloucestershire-based Westonbirt offers a residential summer school for girls and boys aged 11-17 years set within a 210 acre estate. Academic, cultural and social activities develop language, communication and learning skills for life. Students are well taught, properly cared for and are embraced as part of Westonbirt School. Both international and British students are welcome to join us.

Westonbirt offers more than just a summer school that improves language and develops subject knowledge. Every student will feel Westonbirt's special enthusiasm for learning and its commitment to fun and friendship. Come for one course and be part of the school for life. Gain friendships forever, language skills that last and academic insights that provide invaluable building blocks for future academic success.

Experience the best holiday and this will include top quality academic opportunities and improved language skills. Enjoy all the summer fun of outstanding activities in the company of new friends. Learn what it feels like to live in one of England’s most beautiful stately homes, surrounded by 210 acres of glorious Gloucestershire countryside.

Westonbirt is suitable for students who want to improve their English and for English speakers who want to develop their communication skills. In both cases, Westonbirt helps students achieve progress as successful communicators. The experience overall bolsters student confidence and ensures enjoyment is had making new friends and trying new experiences.

The Westonbirt Summer School is run directly by the school. It is supported by a full-time team dedicated to delivering the best possible experience. Because the Summer School acts as  Westonbirt’s fourth term, every student gets a unique opportunity to be part of the Westonbirt family. This ensures students experience the best of British boarding and an English education. Westonbirt also offers the unique experience of living in a beautiful stately home in 200 acres of Gloucestershire, set between the Estates of the Duchy of Cornwall (owned by the Prince of Wales) and Badminton (owned by the Duke of Beaufort)


Dominic Oxnam

Director of Short Course Education

Head of Westonbirt Summer School 

Tel: +44 7387109236


Please contact Dominic directly or, complete the enquiry form for more information.

Benefits Westonbirt Summer School delivers to its students and their families:

  • A safe, social and enjoyable way to spend the holidays
  • A positive and productive use of time, building interests and developing knowledge
  • A new network of friends and entrance to the Westonbirt family
  • Language and communication skills for life
  • Positive results in entry interviews and exams
  • A unique experience to include on personal statements and CV’s
  • An introduction to boarding including the 'House' philosophy
  • A confident starting point for entering an English-speaking education
  • A spring-board for GCSE's, International Baccalaureate or A-levels

Westonbirt’s teaching and learning objectives ensure an outstanding educational experience:

  • Up to 21 hours of teacher contact time per week
  • 15/19 classroom sessions per week
  • 8 hours of academy time per week
  • A positive academic environment
  • Providing quality educators who are determined to enable and inspire
  • Sharing an enthusiasm for learning and instilling confidence in all students so they can learn independently
  • Delivering applicable language appreciation and communication skills 
  • Enabling language learning through a mix of classroom lessons, socialising with native English speakers and through day to day immersion in English life and culture.

Course dates: 7th July - 4th August

Fees: £1,200 a week which includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Laundry
  • Three meals per day plus an evening snack
  • Three excursions/trips/outings per week
  • Pick up from the Heathrow, and Bristol Airports on transfer day between 08:00 and 17:00 (other airports and times can be accommodated at an extra cost)

To enquire about a place, please complete the form below thank you:

Fill out my online form.
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